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Top 10 Unique Pets

If you are looking for a pet that is creepy and crawly and will be certain freak out at least a few of your friends, you might want to check out one of these unique pets. Unique Pet #1: Rats Many people have phobias about rats or associate them with dirt and disease, but rats can actually be great pets. They are very sociable creatures that can be really enjoyable to watch and to interact with. Unique Pet #2: Tarantulas While the thought of keeping a spider as a pet may churn some people's stomachs, tarantulas are very low maintenance pets. You rarely have to clean their cages and they do not need a great deal of food. In addition, most tarantulas are not poisonous or aggressive. Keep in mind, however, that it is possible to be allergic to a tarantula's sting. In this case, you may have a more severe reaction if you are stung by one of these hairy pets. Unique Pet #3: Frogs When you search for a pet frog, you will find that they are available in a much wider array of colors and sizes than what you typic...


How Do You Buy Ants?

Purchasing the perfect kind of ant farm is an essential step in the establishment of an ant farm and there are different types of ant farms to suit the various species of ants. For example, some ants build large anthills, while the anthills of other species of ants are almost non-existent.There are also ant farms to suit. Some ant farms are like very slim fish tanks. These are appropriate for any of the subterranean ant species. However, there are also ant farms that are shaped like giant eggs but with a flat bottom. The conical top allows ants to build an anthill.Some ant farm manufacturers include ants in the package, but others do not. If you have set up your ant farm and filled it with earth or sand, the next step is to get your ants. But how do you buy ants?Well, there are ant dealers. That astounds most people. There are honestly people who specialize in the sale of ant colonies for ant farms. You can locate one of these on the Internet. Try to use the nearest ant dealer to you in order to save the ants...


The Spitting Cobras

The spitting cobra is one of the most peculiar species of snake as it not only has a deadly bite but it also sprays venom into the eyes of prey and aggressors alike. Contact with the eyes can be very painful and even blinding, therefore, if you accidentally get cobra snake venom in your eyes, wash them out immediately so as to prevent permanent damage to the tissue. The King Cobra, Ophiophagus hannah, also distinguishes itself in this large family of snakes (elapids) by the fact that it feeds almost entirely on other snakes with mice and small birds also falling prey to its venom.The King Cobra is also unique because of its size - it can reach 5.85m (almost 20 feet) in length, which makes it the longest poisonous snake in the world. The latest discovery of a new species of cobra was made in 2003 when it was identified by London Zoo as part of an illegal shipment of exotic pets.Going by DNA reports, this new species of snake is similar to the red spitting cobra but differs in genes. It apparently originates fr...


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